IB Exams at May 2020 are cancelled.

23 March 2020

Dear students in 3IB

Yesterday the school received an email from The Director General of IB (yes, it’s quite a job title), informing us that the May 2020 exams are cancelled.

I know most of you have already seen the rumours online, but IB asked schools to wait until Monday to let you know. You are probably as surprised, even shocked, as I am.

After the initial feeling of disorientation come practical matters. Here they are, with what answers I have so far. More details will come from IB on 27 March and I will pass them on to all of you as quickly as I can.

First, everyone will be awarded grades in all subjects where they have submitted all their IAs and other Internal Calendar assessments. So Diplomas will be awarded, even though there are no exams.

IB has yet to say exactly how they will arrive at final grades, but it will be a combination of your Internal Calendar work submitted, along with your predicted grades.

Teachers will send predicted grades to IB by the end of April. Between now and then, teachers will be assessing you, and you will be showing teachers what you know. Your teachers have worked with you for nearly two years, so they have a fairly good idea already. But we also know, from many years’ experience, that students can and do improve towards the very end of their two IB years. All this will be taken account of by your teachers.

Teachers will use the remaining lesson time to further teach and particularly assess so as get as accurate as possible a view of what you know and understand in your subjects. In previous years students often achieved higher than predicted. This year we will give a predicted grade which we have even better reason than normal to believe reflects accurately the student’s knowledge and understanding.

These mocks, like all your mocks, give you and your teacher an idea of what you can and cannot do. But don’t worry about your mocks determining your predicted grade. They don’t. They are a small part of a much bigger and changing picture.

Remember that IB predicted grades bear very little resemblance to standpunktkarakter, even this year when exams have been cancelled, because predicted grades are not your final grades. As I said, we do not have the details from IB yet, but I would guess IB will have some quite sophisticated way of using, and checking, predicted grades.

Teachers will not inform you of your predicted grades, but you will get to know them at the same time as you receive your results and there is an appeals procedure. Details of this will be given within the next few weeks.

So, to sum up:

  1. Grades and diplomas will be awarded this year, even though exams are cancelled.
  2. Predicted grades will play some role in your final grade.
  3. Finish doing your mock exams this week.
  4. Between now and week 17, lessons will be geared towards arriving at a predicted grade.

All IB students world wide, as well as many thousands of non-IB students who also normally get their grades from sitting exams, all are in the same boat, and universities are very aware of this.

Please feel free to get in touch with me and your teachers if you have any questions or would just like to talk. Remember that we now have a Teams group where you can do this. Remember also that our rådgiver Silje is available:


In the next message I will send the letter letter from IB to students and families.

I wish you well for these final and important weeks ahead.



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